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How we are contributing to Watermark Calderdale

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5% of Hannah Nunn lamp sales at Radiance will go to Watermark Flood Fund

Watermark Calderdale is a not-for-profit, community-led campaign based on honesty and generosity, for building a resilience fund for our towns for future flooding. Their aim is to build a pot of money that can be accessed by businesses & households immediately when future floods hit (because let's face it they will – maybe in 5 years time, maybe next week!).

The campaign is a joint venture between Totally LocallyCommunity Foundation for Calderdale.

At Radiance, we have decided to that from July onwards, we will donate 5% of all sales of Hannah Nunn lamps, on the Radiance website and in our Market Street shop to the Watermark Flood Fund.

Now every time you buy one of Hannah's paper cut lamps, handmade in Hebden Bridge, you can be playing a part in making sure our lively community is still able to flourish after the floods hit.

Watermark have estimated that if all the businesses hit by the 2015 floods raised just £10 a week from their sales of Watermark products, the fund would reach £700,000 in one year. Multiply that by a few years of no floods (fingers crossed!), and a bit more input from other businesses, or some adding more than £10 per week, and the fund could easily hit £2 million. That money would be there for our communities to access straight away in case of another flood. Literally ‘saving for a rainy day!’. It’s all about businesses and community working together to look after each other.

Read more about Watermark and how you can get involved here. We think it's a brilliant idea and are so happy to be taking part.

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