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Tala 'Squirrel Cage' LED Lightbulb

This Squirrel Cage 3 Watt bulb is a groundbreaking new LED design. It is now harder than ever to justify buying an incandescent bulb. Incorporating Tala's innovative new thin filament technology, this light perfectly mimics the old incandescent aesthetic. Eight golden sapphire filaments enveloped by a traditional blown glass form make this bulb the perfect match in series or alone. This LED bulb is energy-saving - it can be used to replace a 25W bulb.

Specifications: 3 watt - 240 lumens - dimmable - E27 screw fitting 
Warm up time: Instant!
Dimensions: 64mm x 140mm
Average Lifespan: 30,000 hours

A Tala light is up to 90% more efficient and lasts fifteen times longer than its incandescent counterparts.

Idea: combine a Tala bulb with a simple lampholder and one of our coloured textile cables.

£9.50 £19.00

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