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We sell a wild and wonderful range of products from greetings cards to heavyweight standard lamp bases.

There are so many possible shape, size and weight combinations that turn our brains into mush, so we have decided to offer 3 flat postage + packaging rates:

  • £1.25 for cards and other very small items (UK)
    (Elsewhere: 3.95)

  • £3.95 for Standard First Class (UK)
    (Rest of Europe: 8.95)
    (Elsewhere: 12.95)

  • £8.95 for larger, heavier and more valuable items (UK)  *
    (Rest of Europe: 15.95)
    (Elsewhere: 20.95)

    *Please note: Standing flower lamps by Colin Chetwood have different shipping costs. Please select 'Colin Chetwood Shipping' at the checkout.
We hope that this will be suitable in most situations, but please feel free to get in touch with us if you get to the checkout and something seems amiss, or if you have any questions.