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Large 'Gestalten 06' Wooden Lampshade

Gestalten: to form, to shape, to create, to arrange

This Gestalten lampshade is part of Jane Blease's fabulous new hand printed collection. These designs were created through hands on experimentation with materials and processes. Working with the wood, rather than against it, Jane prints her designs directly, letting her instincts guide her and her designs develop organically. She overlaps shapes, creating wonderful areas of shadow when the light is switched on, with the two stunning colours merging to create other colours and hues. For Jane, it was vital that the carefully considered colourways would complement the tones of the various wooden veneers.

By varying the coverage when applying the paint and allowing the other colours or wood beneath to show through in places, it gives a completely unique, painterly quality to the Gestalten collection.

Materials -  Ash - Pale, Blonde wood (first photo shows oak version). Warm glow when lit, similar to an open fire. 
Dimensions - 12" x 9"
Bulb - Max 15W energy saving bulb. (Equivalent to a 65W standard bulb)
£80.00 £165.00

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